About Us



The CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC) is a non-profit, private teaching hospital wholly owned by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). With a social mission to bridge the service gaps between private and public healthcare in Hong Kong, CUHKMC is dedicated to offering quality healthcare service at affordable and transparent package prices. In line with the not-for-profit principle, all surpluses from all healthcare services will be ploughed back to the hospital for hospital development and the CUHK Faculty of Medicine for research and teaching.

We provide a full range of medical services. Our healthcare team works in an integrated and holistic manner to promote wellbeing of patients. ​Our hospital is carefully designed to be user-friendly for all ages, including patients, visitors and staff.  Services are streamlined to better cater for patient needs and to eliminate unnecessary waiting and transfers. Together with the state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, CUHKMC is dedicated in optimising the clinical outcomes of patient care and enhancing operational efficiency.

With the full support from CUHK, the Government, our donors, and the medical alliance who share our purposes, we are committed to offering quality patient-centred hospital service for the people of Hong Kong. CUHKMC is expected to come into operation in 2021.