President's Message

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Dear members,


I am honoured to serve as the President of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers for Session 2017/2018.


The Institution has come a great distance since its predecessor, the Engineering Society of Hong Kong, which was established in 1947. Our journey over the past seven decades is an extraordinary achievement.

To honor our past and look ahead to our future, I have adopted as the theme of my Presidency - “Engineering a New Horizon from 70 Years’ Foundation” (傳承七十載 齊創新領域).

During this Session, the Institution will launch initiatives to facilitate the long-term development of the engineering profession and to strengthen the standing and professionalism of its engineering members. To help chart our path for the future whilst building on the progress we have made, we will organise a strategic planning meeting to gather intelligence from our members, both experienced and young, to figure out where we are going and what we are to accomplish in the long run.

There is no doubt that the demand for engineers is on the rise. With increasing challenges of tomorrow’s world, such as rapid urbanisation and impact from climate change, smart engineering solutions will be much sought after. We must continue to take proactive steps to attract young people to join the profession. This has been and will continue to be the Institution’s mandate.

We must also do more to address the issue of gender balance. Women are significantly underrepresented in engineering. What can be done to attract more women to join the engineering profession? I assure you that this will certainly be one of the key topics at the strategic planning meeting.

Nurturing young engineers is my long-term commitment. This is one of my top agenda items. The recruitment of creative and talented young people for the President’s Proteges Scheme is already underway.

Further, some of our new initiatives to reach out to young people include providing STEM (ie, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) enrichment activities for secondary school students and creating dialogues with their teachers and career masters. We will also make engineering fun for primary school students by organising events such as drawing competition to arouse their interest in the profession.

The Institution will remain committed to facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and assisting members in expanding their horizons and discovering and seizing new opportunities. In line with the Government’s long-term smart city vision, the Institution will devote efforts to enable members to visualize more about the “smart city” concept and applications through organizing series of activities, including lectures, visits, international conferences, and public exhibitions.

Engineers aspire to serve the community and create a positive social impact. In the new Session, the Institution will propose initiatives to promote Corporate Social Responsibility among our members and encourage them to apply it to their professional practice.

I will continue to keep you updated as we implement these initiatives and I look forward to working with you as we are charting the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers for the next 70 years. Let’s start turning our goals into actions now!

Ir Thomas K C CHAN