Editorial Guide
Hong Kong Engineer - Submission Guidelines for Editorial Contribution and Letters to the Editor

Hong Kong Engineer is the official journal of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. The monthly Journal provides a forum for the exchange of information on the latest developments in 18 engineering disciplines under the Institution's umbrella. Hong Kong Engineer welcomes the contribution of articles, technical and general, on topical interest relevant to the development of engineering and engineering practice in Hong Kong.



The quality of writing must be high. Submissions must be original and must not have been published elsewhere. The topic should be of interest to members and of value and use to the profession and the community. Articles of knowledge or idea sharing are also welcome. Reports of divisional activities are not taken as editorial contribution or letters to the editor. Separate submission guidelines are available.


Length and Style

  • Editorial Contribution
    Each submission should not exceed 1,500 words in length. Authors are particularly encouraged to submit photographs and illustrations to make the articles more interesting. However, the Editor reserves the right to omit some illustrations when page limit is exceeded. Articles should be written in plain English offering clarity and readability. Hong Kong Engineer is a professional journal of general engineering interest. Articles should preferably have a journalistic style and jargon should be avoided.
  • Letters to the Editor
    Submissions to the "Letters to the Editor" column should not exceed 400 words in length. No image should be submitted for this column. Letters should be written in plain English offering clarity and readability.


Reviewing Process

Submissions are subject to assessment by the Editor, Technical Reviewers and the Journal Editorial Committee. Comments from the reviewers will be forwarded to the authors to facilitate revision, if necessary. Once the articles or letters have been accepted, the editor may make changes to the style, readability and length to fit the style of the journal and space allocated.


The Journal Editorial Committee will monitor the development of discussion on any engineering topics. In an effort to maintain a balanced coverage for all disciplines, if submissions of letters/articles concerning the same topic become a growing trend, the Journal Editorial Committee may refer the topic to the Division(s) concerned to organise any suitable learned society activities, eg forum, technical seminar for discussion.

The Journal Editorial Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any contribution and the decision is final.



Articles are considered for publication on the understanding that they are original work and have not been submitted to any other publisher. In line with common publishing practice, the corresponding authors are required to sign a form transferring copyright to the Hong Kong Engineer prior to publication. All materials published in the Hong Kong Engineer carries the copyright of the HKIE. Authors who wish to reproduce illustrations that have already been published elsewhere must obtain the permission of the copyright holder. The Institution assumes that all necessary consent and permission for reproduction of all materials included in the articles have been obtained by the author(s).



Articles and letters can be submitted via e-mail or by post on disc or CD-ROM, written in Word or Rich Text format. Images sent electronically should be scanned at at least 300dpi and saved in JPEG format. All editorial contribution should be forwarded to:


The Editorial Office, 6th Floor, 52 Macdonnell Road, Hong Kong
Tel: 2524-7095
Fax: 2521-8583
Email: hkieeditor@gmail.com

An acknowledgement will be sent to the person who submits the article or letter upon receipt. This acknowledgement does not represent a commitment to publication.