Initial registration of a trainee onto the scheme requires that:
(a) Trainee's Engineering 'Higher Diploma' (or equivalent) being recognized by the HKIE.
(b) Trainee must be a Graduate Member of the HKIE with qualifications which meet the academic requirements for an Associate Member of the HKIE in a discipline.
Information on application for Graduate/Student membership is available at the following link

(c) Trainee being proposed by his or her company for registration onto the scheme in an engineering 'discipline' which is the same as his or her original qualifying academic award or if different, is acceptable to the HKIE.


(a) Company to complete and submit "Employer's Registration of Trainees" Form TA2
(b) The HKIE checks:-
- Graduate is at the correct level of the HKIE Membership.
- Graduate's Higher Diploma is recognized by the HKIE as an accepted academic award.
- Higher Diploma subject and engineering discipline applied for, match. Expert opinion will be sought if there is a mismatch not previously considered and decided open.
(c) The Trainee is then registered and the Company and Trainee informed.

Registration Fee

There is a HKIE fee for each trainee registered:
- The full fee is paid by the company on first registration.
- If for good reasons a change of company is approved the 2nd company is required to pay the full registration fee.

Mismatch 'Higher Diploma' Subject / Engineering Discipline

In cases where the Higher Diploma subject and the requested engineering discipline of the scheme do not match:
(a) There may already be the HKIE approval for the mis-match in which case the application will be approved without further action.
(b) When no precedent exists the request will be considered, on a 'case-by-case' basis, by the appropriate Training Review Sub-Committee Experts.
Note - if in doubt before making an application contact the HKIE Training & Development Section.

Backdating of Training Start Date

Normally the training start date for trainee registration will be that proposed by the company as shown on the Form TA2 "Employer's Registration of Trainee". It is expected that this proposed Start Date is the date when the formal training was commenced. However, the Training Start Date cannot be backdated for more than 6 months from the date of registration.

Training Period

The training scheme is based on trainees meeting objectives and not on a 'time-served' approach. However the training periods are nominally set as the time it will normally take for a trainee to meet all of the training objectives. These periods are 2 years for all disciplines.

The nominal period could be shortened at the start of the training if an Exemption is approved for previous training / work experience.

Change of Discipline

It is the HKIE policy that once registered on the training scheme the route to Associate Membership is in the discipline for which the trainee is registered. Only with good reasons would a trainee be allowed to change the engineering discipline of the scheme.

Change of Company

Resignations during the training are discouraged by the HKIE and change of company is not normally approved unless good reasons exist and with approval from the HKIE.

Related to this policy the training scheme is designed to help promote the development of the engineering trainees. As a part of that development it is to be expected that trainees will learn to act professionally and they should think very carefully before agreeing to undertake the training offered by a company.

It is in a company's interest to make this HKIE policy clear to potential trainees at the time of making an offer of employing them on the training scheme.

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