What reports are required from trainees

Training Log Book


It is a mandatory requirement that the registered trainees maintain throughout their training an ongoing record of their formal training experiences, in their HKIE Formal Training Scheme to Associate Membership Training Log Book. These regular and formal submissions play an important part in the training as they are a permanent record of what the trainee considers important and has learned during the training related to events occurring, observations made and problems identified (and solved).

Implicitly this personal record is a continuous measure of the progress made by the trainee in achieving the training aims as assessed by the Engineering Supervisor and Tutor. As such the trainee's log entries and staff comments will be a factor considered by the interviewers at the Assessment at any later application for Associate Membership.

It is the trainee's responsibility to follow the instructions given in the HKIE Formal Training Scheme to Associate Membership Training Log Book related to the style and frequency of submissions required; that the entries are to be in long hand; and the staff comments are to be included directly on the entries at the appropriate time (Tutor monthly and Engineering Supervisor quarterly).

CPD Log Book


It is expected that trainees will take every CPD opportunity to update their depth and breadth of knowledge as well as to develop their personal qualities required to fulfill their future role, as technologist, in industry and in society.

CPD therefore covers matters of direct technical relevance as well as broader studies such as occupational safety & health, environmental subjects, professionalism and ethics. It is expected that the balance between 'direct technical interest' and ' broad' subjects will be maintained by companies.

CPD activities are required to be entered in the CPD Log Book and endorsed by the Engineering Supervisor. The CPD Log Book will be checked by the HKIE to see that the CPD requirements (i.e. minimum 45 CPD hours per year) have been met before a Training Certificate is issued.

Mandatory CPD subjects for the training period to be as follows:
- The minimum requirement for occupational safety & health/ environmental subjects and/or professionalism and ethics should be 6 hours per year.
Note - 'In-house' CPD activities are encouraged. However it is expected that 'In-house' CPD activities should not be greater than 50% of CPD days.

Training Record of Objectives


To make the assessment of trainee progress consistent in matching the high standards expected by the HKIE, the Training Programme is complemented by Training Objectives. It is considered that this approach is both systematic and logical with the added advantage that it provides trainees and training staff with an instant and clear picture of what has been done and what needs to be done.

The 'Training-by-Objective' approach is based on experienced technologists identifying, in the form of objectives, what qualities, technical expertise, knowledge and skills are required by a trainee to reach the required standard in a discipline.

There are 3 types of Objectives in the training scheme: -
(a) Common Core Objectives - these are the same for all trainees.
(b) Core Objectives - these are the same for all trainees in a particular discipline.
(c) Specific Objectives - these are the objectives proposed by the company.

Both the Common Core and Core Objectives are designed to cover the points made in (a) to (c) below and in addition Specific Objectives cover (d):
(a) They can be achieved by all trainees in a particular discipline.
(b) They are capable of being measured objectively.
(c) Success in meeting the requirement in an objective is independent of any time (served) factor.
(d) They can be achieved by all trainees of a certain discipline working in a particular employer.

At the assessment stages it is the responsibility of the trainee to demonstrate to the Engineering Supervisor that the Learning Objectives have been met in the way prescribed in the HKIE 'Formal Training Scheme to Associate Membership - Record of Objectives'. The way in which a trainee must demonstrate the type of learning or skill expected for each Objective is designated by a code letter defined in the Record of Objectives log book.

The checking of a trainee's level of success in meeting an Objective is the role of the Engineering Supervisor who is expected to personally monitor trainee progress in this way on behalf of the HKIE. It is expected that this assessment will involve regular 'face-to-face' individual interview between trainees and their designated Engineering Supervisor. To help ensure that this form of trainee assessment is not unduly disruptive or arduous the maximum ratio of trainees to an Internal Engineering Supervisor, is set at 12 to 1 and a total of 4 to 1 for an External Engineering Supervisor (whose approval will be limited to 2 companies maximum).

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