Trainee Resignation

Resignations during the training are discouraged by the HKIE and change of company is not normally approved unless good reasons exist and with approval from the HKIE.

Related to this policy the training scheme is designed to help promote the development of the trainees. As a part of that development it is to be expected that trainee will learn to act professionally and they should think very carefully before agreeing to undertake the training offered by a company.

In a sense trainees are undertaking a form of contract and consequent commitment in the same way that the company (and the HKIE) are making a commitment to the trainee. It is in a company's interest to make this HKIE policy quite clear to potential trainees at the time of making an offer of employing them on the training scheme.

This commitment is confirmed when the undertaking in Form TA2 (Employer's Registration of Trainee) signed by the 3 parties: the Company, the Trainee and the HKIE upon trainees' training registration.

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