Trainee Responsibilities

It is expected that trainees will make a personal commitment to get the most out of the training opportunities made available to them by their company. In this context the training is aimed at trainees learning about (his or her) chosen profession, where learning is the acquisition of knowledge or a skill (in a subject) by:

- Study
- Observation
- Retrieval of information
- Instruction
- Experience

Whilst undergoing training trainees are expected to: -
(a) behave in a professional manner.
(b) have a positive and good attitude towards the company providing the training; to all levels of its staff, to their colleagues, and to their 'work'.
(c) be part of the productive process within the framework of being trained.
(d) use their intellectual and analytical abilities to further their development in the engineering profession.
(e) demonstrate initiative and drive in a quest to learn from their training. In this, accept that in the industrial environment (so different from the academic life) the effort required to acquire knowledge or a skill will be largely self-motivated.
(f) develop their powers of communication, decision making and leadership and thereby gain self-confidence related to their technical and social behaviour and opinions.
(g) identify how they can complement their formal training by self-help.
(h) help develop their initiative and their innovative skills.
(i) be able to retrieve and use relevant information.
(j) use their diagnostic skills to identify problems and offer possible solutions.
(k) to develop a natural inquisitive sense and 'question' 'why' and 'how' things are done, with the aim of improving procedures and thus productivity.

In the final analysis the success of the training, with respect to the calibre of the 'product', is considered to rest very largely on the interest, enthusiasm, attitude, self-motivation and curiosity of the trainees themselves.

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