Quiz 2

Take the challenge now to see if you are the Smoke-free Master!

Please answer all the questions

Q1. Quitters may crave for tobacco when they start to quit smoking. How long will the urge last for?

Q2. Smoking causes many fatal diseases, such as lung cancer, heart diseases and stroke. How many people on average were killed by smoking or secondhand smoke annually in Hong Kong?

Q3. Which bus Interchange(s) at tunnel portal area(s) was/were designated as statutory no smoking areas with effect from 31 March 2016?

Q4. WHO released six MPOWER measures in 2008 to combat the global epidemic of tobacco. The measures include:

Q5. As compared with smoking a cigarette, how many times the volume of smoke would be inhaled by the user for a typical 1-hour waterpipe smoking session?

Q6. Smoking is hazardous to health. A number of researches showed that one in every two smokers would die early from smoking. On average, smoking shortens the life span of smokers for how many years?

Q7. What are the three major killers in tobacco?

Q8. Tobacco contains more than 7,000 chemical substances, most of them are toxic and radioactive. How many types of them are carcinogens?

Q9. Under the "Fixed Penalty (Smoking Offences) Ordinance", how much would be fined if one smokes in statutory no smoking area (including e-cigarette)?

Q10. Which country is the first to introduce “Plain Packaging”?