Am I qualified to join the competition if I am a part-time student / attending evening courses?

Yes. All secondary or tertiary students enrolling in full-time, half-day, part-time or evening courses are eligible to apply for the “Academic Section” of the competition and submit conceptual designs, yet all entrants of the above section must be Hong Kong residents.


Students who have aged 18 or above and possess the copyright of original showerhead products that are available in the market are also welcomed to join the “Professional Section” individually with their original showerhead products.

Can foreign individuals or corporates apply for the “Professional Section”?

Yes. The “Professional Section” is not limited to Hong Kong residents or corporates, overseas industry practitioners aged 18 or above, and corporates registered overseas can participate individually or as a corporate under this category.

Can I apply for both “Academic Section” and “Professional Section”?

Yes. As long as you meet all the entry requirements of “Academic Section” and “Professional Section”, you can apply for both Sections at the same time.

How can I register for the competition if I am interested, and do I need to pay for the participation fee?

Interested individuals or corporate representatives (both Academic and Professional Section) can register for the competition by submitting the Online Application Form via the competition’s official website on or before the deadline (17th April 2020 (Friday) HKT 23:59).


No participation fee is required.

What should I do if I cannot receive the confirmation email after registration?

Upon successful application, a confirmation email will be sent to participants’ or corporate representatives’ mailbox automatically. Your email providers may mistakenly filter our messages to your spam or junk folder, thus participants or corporate representatives shall check their spam or junk folder in the mailbox as well.


If confirmation email is not found upon checking, please contact our competition committee at 2732 3107 or by email to for follow up.

What is the difference between the entries submitted by the entrants of “Academic Section” and “Professional Section”?

Submission of “Academic Section” must be original conceptual designs; while the entries ofProfessional Section” must be original and manufactured products (not conceptual designs) and preferably, available in the market for no more than 3 years.

If my design/product had been presented or had received awards in other contests, can I submit the same design/product as entry for this competition?


Can I submit more than 1 entries?

Yes. Each participating unit (individual or team) of “Academic Section” may submit a maximum of 3 entries; while each participating unit (individual or corporate) of “Professional Section” may submit a maximum of 5 entries.


If the number of submitted entries exceeds the limit, the Organiser will randomly select the entries for assessment without prior notice.

Can I make any changes to my submitted entries, such as the product design layouts or descriptions of design?

We are sorry that all submitted entries or documents will proceed to assessment directly and no further modification will be permitted.

How do I know if my entries have entered the final?

Results of preliminary selection will be announced in late June on the official competition website. The Organiser will invite the finalists to the final presentation by email.

Will the winners of the competition be notified individually?

Award ceremony will tentatively be held on 17th October 2020 and the competition result will be announced in the ceremony. All finalists are required to attend the award ceremony.

What is the subsequent arrangement of the winning entries?

All winning entries will stand a chance of showcasing in local roving exhibitions, as well as in large-scale household exhibitions. Conceptual designs of Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners of “Academic Section” will be produced as prototypes by the Organiser and may be displayed in the product exhibitions above-mentioned to recognise winners’ outstanding performance and promote innovative water saving devices. The prototypes will be gifted to winners upon the completion of exhibitions as reward and encouragement.

Can I retrieve my submitted entries after the competition?

We are sorry that all submitted entries will not be returned to the entrants. They are recommended to keep copies of their entries for any other purposes.

Can I take back the relevant fees of my entries from the Organiser?

Entrants are responsible for all the costs of production and submission of the entries. All entrants are not entitled to receive any reward, payment or compensation for the competition except the awards for each winner.